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ハンコックス サリー/11月分活動報告(地域おこし協力隊)


Regional revitaliser Sally here,
Last month I completed my 3rd mural of 2020! The first was in January, on
the outside walls of my Indigo studio, the 2nd was Sumoto Artisan Square
steps and the final one was for a company called Mitsutech.




In July Tatsuki Paint introduced me to the head of Mitsutech and we started
discussions. The company is in Awaji city, near a large shrine called
Izanagi Jingu.


Mr Mitsu showed me the wall and requested something colourful, simple and
cheerful. He loves art and in particular Matisse cut-outs. The company
makes parts for airplanes so he liked the idea of birds in flight. He also
said that wanted the mural to be for everyone, not just the employees but
for the people of Awaji Island and tourists too.


After that meeting I tried to make lots of ideas but I wasn't really
getting anywhere. In October I tried again and somehow made some progress
by painting patterns on paper and cutting it out into birds, the sky,
mountains and sea.


It took about a week to finish planning and agreeing. Tatsuki paint put up
scaffolding and prepared the wall for me. Painting the actual mural took
about 3 days and I had help from Tatsuki paint, my partner and a friend.
Thank you!


While the scaffolding was still up I was nervous because you can't tell the
overall effect until it's off and then there's nothing you can do about it.
Today I saw it for the first time and I was very relieved!


If you are travelling nearby Izanagi Jingu, please go and have a look!